Bot Requirements

Bot requirements for listing and rules for Discord. We require all bots to abide by this.

Listing Requirements

  1. Your bot must be online 80% of the time. Failure to meet this and your bot will be removed at the end of each month. Downtime is fine for things such as maintenance.

  2. Your bot must not respond to other bots.

  3. Your bot must not break any of the Discord ToS.

  4. Your bot must have at least 10 commands. If your bot is a bot based on a certain subject this is fine.

  5. Your must send a help message / website link to the channel if the user has direct messages.

  6. Your bot must not be a clone.

  7. Your bot long description must be detailed. Moderators have the final say on the description.

  8. Your bot must be set as public and not private. (Why have it private and nobody can invite your bot?)

Bot Rules

  1. Your bot must not have any level up messages enabled by default. [Mute]

  2. You bot must not direct message users on join. [Kick]

  3. Your bot must not spam testing channels. [Mute]

  4. Your bot must not send random messages on a letter such as 'f' [Mute]

  5. Your bot must not respond to non-prefixed commands.

  6. Your bot must not DM all users in the guild. [Kick]