Posting Stats

Use these code examples to learn how to post your bot's server count!

Some packages on this page were not created by Discord Bots Group and we may not be able to help with issues. You can find support resources below the instructions for a lib.

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You can either use blapi or the DBG wrapper.


install blapi from npm

const blapi = require('blapi')
blapi.handle(client, { // client = your discord.js client
}, 30) // 30 mins

DBG wrapper

You can also use the official Discord Bots Group Node.js wrapper to post stats:

install with pip

import discordlists
class DiscordLists:
def __init__(self, bot): = bot
self.lists = discordlists.Client(
self.lists.set_auth("", "YOURAPIKEY")
self.lists.start_loop() # Posts the server count automatically every 30 minutes
def setup(bot):


Different Library

You'll need to make a direct request to the API, click below for more info. (Go down to (POST) Update server count)

Obviously, in the above examples YOURAPIKEY is your bot's API key. This can be found on your bot's edit page.